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I love HoboDog Haven!

We Love Dogs!


We're Like No Other!

Simply put, at HoboDog Haven we are dog lovers.  We understand how you feel about your pet, and we want to be there for him when your busy schedule means you can't be.

Setting your mind at ease while you are away from your pet is what we are all about.  We know that at your home, your dog is a family member.  We believe HoboDog Haven will become his "home away from home."

Abby says, "Those sure are strange looking dogs!"
A HoboDog Haven guest has an encounter
with another breed of "dogs"

The HoboDog Haven experience means your dog has a place to wander and sniff or to find a nook or den and relax.  Every dog is different, and we respect your dog's individuality.

Your dog will be able to choose his surroundings, his pastimes, his experience.  Whether romping in the woods, playing in the pasture with friends, napping in the sun, or looking out the window waiting for Mom or Dad - the experience your dog has will be his own choice!


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