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I love HoboDog Haven!

How will my dog spend the day?

Playful running through wide open pastures

See how your dog adapts
Wondering if your dog “plays well with others?”  Photos of our guests will be posted frequently.   Guest Photo Album

Sniffing out adventure in our
park-like forest areas
Inclement weather?
Indoor activities and entertainment provided.  Nap time too.

Relaxing in our indoor comfort zone

Large or small ~ we love ‘em all!
Unique areas safely separate dogs by size.

Our Qualifications

We take the same holidays your bank takes.
Boarding only (no pick up, drop-off, daycare)
No Daycare December 23rd to January 3rd
(no pick up, drop-off, daycare)

Happiness is a warm puppy

$15 per day
multiple dog rates

Daycare Requirements

Pre-Register (Pet Info Form)




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