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ex·er·cise (noun):

1. physical activity:  physical activity and movement, especially when intended to keep a person or animal fit and healthy
regular exercise is important

How can I be sure my dog is getting enough exercise?
There are many wonderful ways to exercise your dog and build a close relationship between you.  Most dogs love being active and doing things with their owners.

An easy way to be sure your dog is well exercised is to give your dog a good, long walk each day.  If you walk briskly and go far enough, your pet (and you) will get a good amount of exercise.

If you have a big backyard or fenced-in area, play an active game of chase and retrieve with a ball or rubber bone - a natural for just about any breed of dog - or teach your dog to catch and return a Frisbee.  All the chasing, jumping and returning to you will be good exercise.  Swimming, catching Frisbees, jogging with you and training for sports such as agility are other examples of good exercise.  Even if you never enter agility competition, you might train your dog in some jumps.  Your dog will get exercise - and learn more about behaving when working with you.HoboDog Haven promotes exercise and a healthy  lifestyle

The amount of exercise a dog needs is dependent on many factors. These include the dog's age, breed, size, level of physical conditioning and temperament.  Young dogs need more exercise than older dogs.  Medium and large dogs bred for work of various kinds typically need more exercise than small dogs bred to be house pets.

Sometimes it's easier to think in terms of the amount of time exercising - perhaps 45 to 60 minutes per day for a medium-large dog - than in the number of miles of walking or jogging needed.  Some experts say dogs need up to 2-3 hours per day.  Your dog will let you know if the exercise you provide is keeping him fit and allowing him to "burn off steam."

The amount of exercise should change depending on the time of year.  Dogs typically want less exercise during the heat of summer, but will appreciate a walk in early morning or evening when it is cooler.

Not Enough Time or Space?
HoboDog Haven can help!  Whether you work all day and have little time for walking the dog, or the weather isn't cooperating, or you have no place to go...  HoboDog Haven has a solution.  We have room for running, playing and sniffing for your dog - or you can use our grounds as your own private park for walking or training your dog.  Call us for more information!

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